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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wk 4 of the HOME Journey

This is done for TLP July2013 Weekly AJ Challenge. This mth's theme is HOME.

This wk we're supposed to journal what the home(s) is all about.


I went one step further by adding one LO which is about the things I am proud of = the journey. MY journey. So that's why the Current House is standing on the LO. The house is the result of that journey. 

Wooden bg = solid foundation
White pp = everybody is born pure of heart, mind & soul
Red Painted Frame = the MOST IMPORTANT part of my life
Key = lies in the journey = my key to my future

For once, the "person" on my page doesn't wear the reading glass. Cos she can see clearly where she is heading for And she is able to stand tall at the end of everything.


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