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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pox Away

This is the paper-scrap version of this digi-LO - Attack of the Pox.

Thanks for Looking.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Little HamHam

This LO was scraplifted from one of Cathy Blackstone's LO. When I saw these 3 photos, they reminded me of the cartoon Hamtaro. Dun ask me why cos I dunno myself. LOL!!!!! TFL!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I have found a 2Pea scrapper whose style I like ... and similar to mine too.

And she is c0lesm0m. I've only managed to view the 1st 4 pages of her LOs. And I'm already loving it. Cos her LOs are so not-full of embellies. And that's my style too. Yes, I'm going to bookmark her in here. Kool! *chessy grin*

Help me!!! Very itchy!!!

I am oh so itching to scrap cos I managed to find a LO to scraplift from. But I can't due to the nitely revisions with Jnr for his upcoming mid-year exams and my x-stitch RR due in mid-May 2006.
The LO I'm gonna scraplift from is very similar to one of my digi-LOs. Yup, I'm TRYING (very the hard) to convert all of my digi-LOs to paper-LOs. And I'm starting with this.

This is the LO I found in 2peas which is oh so similar to mine, esp the placement. With this, I know how to scraplift my digi-LO.
When I came across the above LO a few days ago, I was stunned at the similarity. And I just cudn't wait to start scrapping. Or to scraplift it, so as to speak.
PS: I still cudn't find the link to the LO in 2Peas *bangs head* Once I found it, I'll link it.
edited to add:
I. Have. Found. The. Link. To. The. Above. LO. It. Is. Here.
WHEW! *chessy grin*

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Your (Junior's) 1st Year

This LO was scraplifted from 2Pea's Carrie Owens. I regretted doing the journalling in tat manner. I shud've follow Carrie's way. Now the pictures look so messy. BTW, there's stamping at all sides of the cs, you can't see it due to the crooked scanning.

Digi vs Hybrid vs Paper

Sometime ago, I was contemplating to switching back to digi-scrap. Reason being digi-scrapping produces my best work as compared to paper-scrapping. And the kick & sense of satisfaction derived upon completing a digi-LO was also greater than a paper-LO.

After talking it out with the other scrappers in the forum, a few of them suggested hybrid = combining both digital & paper scrapping thus hv'g the best of both worlds. But I'm hesitating abt it cos my color printer ain't powerful enuf to print colored pictures.

Nevertheless, I did manage to come up with a digi-LO. And also testing my color printer's capability.

A Digi-LO
Can u imagine me doing up such an excellento LO with paper-scrapping? LOL!!!!
A Hybrid-LO

You can see the contrast in quality between the digi-LO and printed-LO. Dun worry, I'm working my way to getting a brand new color printer. Yup, my current printer is a 2nd-hand. Oh ... dun you know most of my electronic gadgets are 2nd-hand? Oh, except my scanner but it's a very low-end scanner so the quality ain't that good too. So if I were to get a new printer, it'll be an all-in-1 = print, scan & copy. Cool, eh!!

It was upon completing the above LO then I realised why I dun like paper-LO. I dun hv enuf embellies to complete it. LOL!!!!! Yup, I'm working tws that goal too = get myself stocked up with embellies, embellies and MORE embellies. ROFLMAO!!!!!

Fabric LO for Earth Day (21/4/06)

This LO was done for an Earth Day Challenge in the forum. The challenge was to use fabric and ONLY 1 cs/pp. This LO was also a remake of another LO done during the virtual crop. Now I'm contemplating to ink the edges of the cs. Cos it seems to be "endless", iykwim. *think ... think ... think ...*

Monday, April 17, 2006

Neither Here Nor There

This LO was done for the forum's Surprise Challenge in rgds to the Book Of Me. It's about anything & everything that is NOT us *giggle*

The journal reads: I am NEITHER aggressive NOR passive. I am NEITHER arrogant NOR modest. I am NEITHER submissive NOR domineering. I am NEITHER obnoxious NOR charming.

The pp, fabric & most of the embellies are RAK from other scrapper-mummies in the forum.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My ABC Album

Sometime ago, I started on the above via digi-scrap. But eversince I had converted to paper-scrap, I decided to TRY doing the album via paper-scrapping. *giggle* So this is the revised LO for letter "A". This LO was also done for the forum's Fabric Challenge to coincide with Earth Day on 22nd April 2006. The challenge is to use only 1 cs or pp; a piece of fabric is a must; and other embellies are allowed too.

Journal at the top right corner = Agnes is my name. Arrogant is my game.

This is for the letter "C" = Cousins.

It's scraplifted from this LO. But I dun like how it turned out. :( Esp the title.