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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

Learn To Love Yourself

Finally. Sat down to do a page for Boutique Cute Dolls. My 1st page for her, ie. *cheesy grin*

Credits: Boutique Cute Dolls
I Always Will Love You kit
Free Template

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Never Forget

This is done for DigiDare #332.

Credits: TLP Weekend Sales, 20% off selected items.
OLB's Identity Kit & Journal Cards
Dreamweaver elements (collab Allison P & Studio Basics)
Welcome to the Rest of Your Life elements (collab Allison P & Ya Yeah Designs)
OLB's Alpha Tidbit
OLB's Hand Krafted Alpha
Heather Joyce's The Brainchild Font

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wk 4 of the HOME Journey

This is done for TLP July2013 Weekly AJ Challenge. This mth's theme is HOME.

This wk we're supposed to journal what the home(s) is all about.


I went one step further by adding one LO which is about the things I am proud of = the journey. MY journey. So that's why the Current House is standing on the LO. The house is the result of that journey. 

Wooden bg = solid foundation
White pp = everybody is born pure of heart, mind & soul
Red Painted Frame = the MOST IMPORTANT part of my life
Key = lies in the journey = my key to my future

For once, the "person" on my page doesn't wear the reading glass. Cos she can see clearly where she is heading for And she is able to stand tall at the end of everything.


The LilyPad's Weekend Sales is ONZ !!!! 20% on selected items !!!

Welcome to The Rest of Your Life Collab Kit(Allison P & Ya Yeah Designs) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Top of The World

TLP's Weekend Sales is ONZ !!!! 20% on selected items !!! 

Credits: Dreamweaver Collab Kit(Studio Basic & Allison Pennington) 

TLP FF 26 July

TLP's Weekend sale is HERE !!! 20% off selected items !!!


This is done using Laurie Ann's new kit - Homecation. And it is 20% off listed price !!!
Oh, her Homecation alpha pack is free w/purchase of the kit !!! WHOOPIIIEEEEE !!!!!

Laurie Ann's Homecation Kit & Alpha
Amy Martin's Whip It Up Mini v2 template
Laurie Ann's Aged Photo Overlays Vol. 1
Afternoon Tea & Beach Baby elements

Inspired by these two pages ...


I did this page for GC's 1st month.
Credit: OLB's Identity Kit & Journal Cards





Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Splish Splash

This is done for ScrapMatter's July 18 Collab Challenge.

Juno Designs' Water Play kit (collab with Stolen Moments)
TLP Sara Gleason's free template

Future Home

This is done for TLP July 2013 Art Journal Weekly Challenge.

This week, we AJ about our Dream Home.

I dun call it my DREAM home. Cos what I have in mind can be materialized and/or fulfilled. So I'm calling it

... My Future Home ...
Primary = having fun, still be myself, read, digi-scrap more memories (camera), be healthy (vines & legs), be surrounded by a dog (or two), have a roof over my head.

Secondary = the occasional traveling (hot air balloon & map), have a companion for the empty-nest-syndrome (veneer heart) cos my mum had just reminded me (during the weekends) that I am only 3 steps away from the big-4. *roll eyes*

Away We Go elements &  paper (Allison P & LBW Collab)
PRD's Chatterbox & Homegrown elements
Kim Jensen's Fashion Friendly elements
Michelle Godin's I'd rather Be Reading elements
Kate Hadfield's Doggie Days
Amy Wolff's A Little Bit of this elements

!!! CT Toot !!!

Two weeks ago, Boutique Cute Doll designer pm me in FB, alerting me to her CT Call. After looking through her store & I like what I see, I decided to apply for it.

Just a few days ago, she posted in fb that she had decided on the CTM & will announce it this week. BOY! That was nerve wrecking manz! Cos I had not heard from her. Yet.

Until ... 10mins ago !!!! YYAAAYYY !!! I got in !!!!!

Ok, no more CT call for me. Cos right now, I'm in 3 CTs - Boutique Cute Dolls, Juno Designs & HGD by Laurie Ann. And I'm running out of photos !!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!

Time to scan MORE old photos. Or ... take MORE photos. *cheesy grin*

Friday, July 19, 2013


This is done using Juno Designs' new kit - Happy Go Lucky. And it is part of the {July Mixed Matters} at ScrapMatters.

All About the Boys

This is my brother when he was 1yo.


This is GC when he was 2yo.
Sahlin Studio Aztech Summer elements
Amy Wolff's Beach Cottage elements

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TLP Ultimate Vacation 2013

TLP has just started on the Ultimate Vacation with a freebie up for grabs EVERYDAY, starting from 15 July 2013. Not forgetting games to play & prizes to be won. 

Being a July 2013 Guest Polly, I have access to the freebies in advance of the others. So I'm gonna use this opportunity to scrap my 2010 Bintan Trip.

 Starting with this simple page.

He-She Said

Laurie Ann is having a 50% sale on two of her older kits !!!! And it's so perfect for me. Cos I can combine both!!!

Laurie Ann's She Said {complete kit} + Journal Cards
Laurie Ann's He Said {complete kit} + Journal Cards

TLP SOSN 17 July

After 10 long months, my younger brother has finally returned home .... as a Cambridge Post-Graduate.


Credits: TLP SOSN 50%

Monday, July 15, 2013

Current Home

This is done for TLP July 2013 Art Journal Weekly Challenge.

And this week, we're supposed to AJ about our current home.

... My Current House ... 
Roof shape= accommodating, compromising 
 Roof color & deco = no big worries 
Background & trees = metropolitan city 
3 doves = my son, my mum & me 
Ticket studs = what my family is now 
Twine = I hold them dearly & close to my heart 
The colored string = still hv ups & downs but manageable 
 The rest = me = DA BOSS 

 Credits: TLP Designers

Slumber Party Checklist

This is done for Kate Hadfield's blog July 2013 Challenge.

TLP Audaciously Awesome (collab btwn Kate Hadfield & Kim Jensen)
TLP Kate Hadfield's PJ Party

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Will Get You Nowhere ...

This is my 1st LO as Juno Designs CTM.

Credits: Water Play by Juno Designs & Stolen Moments

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Déjà vu

This is done for DigiDare #330 - Dreams.

The type of dreams I remember vividly always coincides with my real life.

 On an ordinary day, it wud hit me that “THIS” had happened before.

After some thinking, then I realized that I had dreamt of it - the exact place, the exact time & the exact situation.

From then on, that feeling of Déjà vu would serve as an reassurance & reaffirmation that I am on the right track and making the right decision. (July 2013)

- 20% off -
PRD's Doodle Borders No. 3

- July 2013 BYOC -
Allison Pennington's Built for Two elements
Sahlin Studio's Aztec Summer elements
Valorie Wibben's Sprinkles v5
Little Butterfly Wing's Lemonade elements
Re Kneipp's Hey Summer elements
Sabrina Dupre's These Little Moments paper
One Little Bird's Carson Park elements
Amy Wolff's Beach Cottage elements

 - Normal -
PRD's When I Grow Up elements & papers
PRD's Easy Peasy elements & alpha
Lynne-Marie DYY Blocks
Valorie Wibbens's A Bit Worn #2
Ya Yeah Designs' Moon elements
CD Muckosky's Urban Cribbles ABC

Friday, July 12, 2013

!! CT TooT !!

OMG !!!! I had been picked to be on Juno Designs' CT !!!!!

Yes, I applied for her CT Call cos I like her stuff.


PS: I was alerted to a CT Call by the designer herself. And I also like her stuff. So I had applied for it. The results will be out after 20 July. So keeping fingers crossed for that.

TLP Froggy Faves

TLP is having a 20% sale on selected items through the weekend.


Tea. Is. My. Favourite. Subject.

So when Laurie Ann's latest kit is titled "Afternoon Tea", I know just which photo I wanna scrap with. *rubbing hands in glee*

This is the digital version of this paper-LO.

This kit plus the journal cards are on 20% off today 12 July 2013. Isn't that awesome??!!! 



Re Kneipp Studio's Simplicity

Away We Go Collab Kit
(between Little Butterfly Wings, Allison Pennington & Micheline Martin)

It is the digital version of this paper-LO which was done in my 1st Crop Session.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Say Cheese

TLP Make A Wish Collab (Sahlin Studio & Valorie Wibbens) 
TLP Heather Joyce's The Kala font
TLP Hoppy Birthday Collab kit's elements (freebie)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TLP SOSN 10 July

TLP is having a 50% sale on selected items today 10 July. So what are you waiting for? Go Grab Them !!!

TLP Ya Yeah Designs' Moon ep
TLP Amy Martin's Template for Nov 2012 Challenge
TLP Amy Wolff's Beach Cottage Alpha

This is the digital version of this paper-LO.
It is also a scraplift from this LO.