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Monday, July 22, 2013

Future Home

This is done for TLP July 2013 Art Journal Weekly Challenge.

This week, we AJ about our Dream Home.

I dun call it my DREAM home. Cos what I have in mind can be materialized and/or fulfilled. So I'm calling it

... My Future Home ...
Primary = having fun, still be myself, read, digi-scrap more memories (camera), be healthy (vines & legs), be surrounded by a dog (or two), have a roof over my head.

Secondary = the occasional traveling (hot air balloon & map), have a companion for the empty-nest-syndrome (veneer heart) cos my mum had just reminded me (during the weekends) that I am only 3 steps away from the big-4. *roll eyes*

Away We Go elements &  paper (Allison P & LBW Collab)
PRD's Chatterbox & Homegrown elements
Kim Jensen's Fashion Friendly elements
Michelle Godin's I'd rather Be Reading elements
Kate Hadfield's Doggie Days
Amy Wolff's A Little Bit of this elements

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