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Friday, August 30, 2013

Goofy Crazy Kid

This is done using Juno Designs' latest collab kit with Amanda Yi Designes - Monsterific. And it is 50% off thru Sunday Sept 1.

This is also done for SM Aug 8 Roadmap to Scrap challenge.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Facing the World

For TLP's Aug 2013 Wkly AJ Challenge, the theme is FACE. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Week 1: Create a background for your face.
Credits: TLP Designers

For Wk 2, we are to create our lips
= what we allowed to come out of our mouth =
Laurie Ann's Foto Fun elements (lips) 
Kate Hadfield's PJ Party, HipHipHipster, Bookworm, Going Places, Scrapping9to5, 
Kate Hadfield & Kim Jensen Collab kits - Audaciously Awesome & Srsly Stoked

For Wk 3, we are to create our eyes
= You See Me + I See Me =
Laurie Ann's Selfie & She Said 
Laurie Ann's Heart You to The Moon, Afternoon Tea, Heirloom Rose, Beach Baby, Happy Travels 
Michelle Godin's Snarky Snippets: Sassitude 
Sahlin Studio's Aztech Summer ep 
Ya Yeah's Moon ep, Who are You (July2013 AJ Random Prize)

For the final week, we are putting the final touches to our face
= Crown Of Glory =
Fringe - Mars & Venus collab kit (PRD & Allison P) 
Earrings & Music Girl (nose) - Ya Yeah Designs' Got Music kit 
Red Feathery Hair - Michelle Godin's Blustery Day kit Blush - Laurie Ann's Heirloom Rose kit

To Send A Letter

Credits: Laurie Ann, 1-day 50% sale, Aug 28
When Skies Are Grey Complete Kit
When Skies Are Grey Word Arts

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

!!!! TLP Spotlight Toot !!!!

My "Remember This" page was spotlighted in TLP's blog for Aug 2013 Challenges gallery.

!!! TOOT !!! TOOT !!! TOOT !!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wkend Homemade Fast Food

This is done for Sahlin Studio's Aug2013 blog free template challenge.

Credits: Sahlin Studio 
Kitschy Kitchen Kit
Kitschy Kitchen Add-on Bundle
Fresh Kit's elements

What A Great Day

Master Pink ... Deep In Thots

This is done for SM Aug 22 Roadmap to Scrap.

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics
Magical Vacation Bundle Kit
School Rules' elements & alpha
Unicorn Dreams' alpha

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Made With Love-Comfort Food

Ingredients & Instructions taken from here.

PRD's The Kitschy kit
Sahlin Studio's Kitschy Kitchen - elements
OLB's Foodie ep
Kate Hadfield's Chef's Kitchen and Coffee & Cupcakes
Kaye Winiecki's Baked With Love

1st Trip-Last Time

This is done for SM Aug 20 Tuesday Template Challenge.

Clever Monkey Graphics School Rules Kit 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Think. Think. Think.

Credits: HGD by Laurie Ann, The Lilypad, 20% off thru Sunday, Aug 25 
Homeschool Complete Kit 
Homeschool Peek-A-Boo Alpha, free with kit purchased thru August 28th
Homeschool Flash Cards

Oh! There's also the Word Strip pack that is a freebie !!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

When a New Book is Published

Credits: HGD by Laurie Ann, The Lilypad, 20% off thru Sunday, Aug 25 
Homeschool Complete Kit 
Homeschool Peek-A-Boo Alpha, free with kit purchased thru August 28th
Homeschool Flash Cards
Fonts by Heather The Hillary & The Everyday fonts 

Oh! There's also the Word Strip pack that is a freebie !!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goo Goo Ga Ga

Boutique Cute Dolls' Bedtime Stories Kit, 20% off

Cokehead Alert

Credits: TLP
Mars Vs Venus Collab Kit (Allison P & PRD)
Kaye Winiecki's Ordinarily Special elements
Mye De Leon's The Good Stuff | This Week - ep, jc & smears
Michelle Godin's Blustery Day elements
Heather Joyce's The Mrs Roberts font

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Are Moms with lots of Frosting.

Credits: Laurie Ann, 1-day 50% Sale, Aug 21
Blossom Hill Road complete kit
Blossom Hill Road word art
Aged Photo Overlay Vol 1


This is done for PRD's Aug2013 blog template challenge.

Credits: PRD
Blog template freebie
LoveLoveKissKiss Collab Kit (w/Studio Basics)
Love Me Tender ep
Lucky In Love ep

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pasta x2

Laurie Ann's Curved Photo Frame
Sahlin Studio's Kitschy Kitchen kit &a add-on
PRD's The Kitschy Kit
Kate Hadfield's Chef's Kitchen
Heather joyce's The Everyday font

Monday, August 19, 2013

Steamed Fruit Cake

TLP has started a new craze - creating a scrapbook for cooking & baking.

And dunno-lucky-me-or-not, the Empress Dowager is crazy over it too. Esp since she saw the UK-Switzerland album I did for Mr&Mrs M. So she been harping me to take photos of her weekends dishes. And even hinted at me to do a "book" with them. And quoted "no need to be so nice" unquote.

So here I am, with my 1st page for the Kitchen Album. And I shall see how long I'll last. *cheesy grin*

Laurie Ann's Baked With Love Kit
OLB Foodie elements
Sahlin Studio's Kitschy Kitchen elements & Kitschy Mixed Media
Kate Hadfield's Baked With Love, Chef's kitchen, Coffee & Cupcakes.

Gameboy Nutzy

This is done for SM Aug 11 Matter of Choice Challenge - Doll up the Title/WA.

Magical Vacation Bundle Collab Kit
(Clever Monkey Graphincs & Victoria Feemster)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

School & Life

This is done for SM Aug 15 Collab Challenge.

Clever Money Graphics' Smarty Pants Collab Kit (w/Cluster Queen Creations)
School Supplies Feltys
Heather Joyce The Dry Ribbon & The Katie M fonts

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Repeat Toot

This same page was featured in ScrapMatter's Gallery Standout Showcase Aug 16 !!!!

Just becos it was featured in SM's GSO Aug 10 - 16 !!!!

WOOT !!! WOOT !!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Me 4yo

This is done for ScrapMatters Color Challenge Aug 2013.

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics
Love Outloud Kit
What's In Your Pockets No. 1
elements from Unicorn Dreams

Thursday, August 15, 2013

This Is ...

This is done for TLP Aug2013 One Word Challenge - This Is.

Credits: Kaye Winiecki - Ordinarily Special kit & Wood U alpha

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My New Siggy

This is my new siggy using kits fom my 4 CTs.

Gonna upload it to ScrapMatters 1st. Then next month, upload to Oscraps & TLP.

Credits: Elements from
Clever Monkey Graphics' Smarty Pants Collab Kit
Clever Monkey Graphics' What's In Your Pocket No. 1
Juno Designs' Small Things & Season of Sunshine Kits
Laurie Ann's Foto Fun Kit
Boutique Cute Dolls' Summer Snapshot Kit

Me Five

Clever Monkey Graphics' Unicorn Dreams

Sweet Dreams, Baby Boy

!!! It's time for another TLP SOSN Wed, 1-day 50% Sale !!!

Credits: Laurie Ann
Crush complete kit
Crush Buton Flair

Pink Curls

And this is my 1st LO as Clever Monkey Graphics' CTM. 

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics
Cut & Style kit
What's In Your Pocket No. 1
Alpha from Unicorn Dreams kit

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another CT

Yah yah ... I did say I ain't gonna apply for another CT.

That time I was still a TLP's Guest Polly. And I was hoping against hope that I might become a regular Polly.

But since I did not. And there's a CT Call in ScrapMatter by Clever Monkey Graphics. I went to take a good look at her store. And I found that her stuff are very similar to TLP's PRDAllison P, both of which are my favs. So I went to buy one of CMG's kit and tried my hand at it.

Well, lo & behold !!!! I likey !!!! So I submitted my application for her CT Call yesterday evening.

6 hours later, this morning 6.30 am, I got the email that confirmed my status in Clever Monkey Graphics CT !!! YAAA !!!!

That was some quick decision-making.

And the best part of her email was she said my layouts sell me !!! Wow !!! Another pat on me shoulder re my scrapbooking style !!!!

!!! WAY TO GO, AGNES !!!

His 1st Book

This is done for SM Clever Monkey Graphics QOS Best Use of Oversize Photo Challenge.

Smarty Pants Collab kit (Clever Monkey Graphics & Cluster Queen Creations)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ribbons Galore

Edited to add:

Mere minutes after posting this page in SM's gallery, it got arrowed for their GSO Aug 10 - 16 !!!!

!!! By none other than misslovescraps - LI LI !!!




This is done for SM Aug 5 Matter of Choice - Element Challenge : Ribbons.

Credits: Juno Designs
Season of Sunshine kit
Ribbons & RigRags from I Resolve kit, Happy Go Lukcy kit, Butterflies In My Stomach kit, Believe kit, Always Be Kind kit.

Study Fun

This is done for SM Aug 6 Tuesday Template.

Smarty Pants Collab Kit (Clever Monkey Graphics & Cluster Queen Creations)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Being A Mother

This is done for SM Aug 4 Matter of Choice - Everyday Scrap: Morning.

Credits: Juno Designs
Family Is Everything kit
Believe elements

What I Know Now

This is done for SM's Designer's Challenge - All About You.

Credits: Jennifer Labre Designs- Don't Stop Believing Kit

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Remember This

This is done for TLP Aug2013 Journal Challenge. 

And I lifted from this LO from KimJ's brown bag page.

Mye De Leon's The Good Stuff: Today | Bundle
Kim Jensen's Brown Bag Bliss

Non-SB Post

A few days ago, I realized that one of the Guest Designers in TLP is stationed in Singapore.

She is none other than Mye De Leon. It seems like she is well-known designer in the digi-world. Well, you know me ... a hermit and all

Nevertheless I was so stoked manz !!! A digi-scrapper designer right here. In my town !! WOOT HOOT !!!!

And the best part was she wanted a meet-up. So a meet-up we have.

Just 5 hours ago, ie. *cheesy grin*

Pardon the "mess" behind. Cos we're in Bakerzine.

I also met up with one of her CTM (Audrey Tan) who is in Singapore for a vacation. We had fun chatting about digi-scrapbooking.

There might have a next-time before Audrey flies off on 1 Sept.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Me @ 35

Another new kit ... another new page ... *happy dance*

Credits: Juno Designs' Season of Sunshine kit, 20% off

My Hero

Boutique Cute Designs has just launched a new kit - Come Fly Away With Me. And it is 20% off.

 And if you're her FB-Fan, remember to peep into her FREEBIE tab. Cos there's an Add-On Freebie to go with this new kit.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Down But Not Out

This is done for Laurie Ann's grand opening celebration in The LilyPad as the new Resident Designer - Recipe Challenge.

Credits:  Laurie Ann, 30% off today through Saturday, August 10th!!

Little Charmer alpha
== The Lilypad Ultimate Vacation Day 24 Freebie Today Aug 7 only ==
Gotcha complete kit 
He Said elements 
Bloom Baby Bloom elements 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Gallery Toot !!!

This "Sew Me Up" LO was featured in Oscraps' O My Star, Aug 7.

!!! My 1st toot for BCD !!! YYYAAAAAAYYY !!!!

Split Selfie

Laurie Ann celebrates her permanent residency at TLP with a new kit: SELFIE.

And it's 50% off TODAY Aug 7

Heather Joyce's The Hillary font

We have a HOME !!!!!

in The LilyPad Store !!!

And the team has loads of fun & games.

Monday, August 05, 2013

12 years

This is done for DigiDare #333.

Long story short: A 12-yo friendship turned sour after one incident. And we never spoke again.

Laurie Ann : She Said complete kit + jc, Papillion ep
Lynne Marie : Tattered 3 Holes, Land of Odds, Art Journaling
LBW : After The Rain ep,  Missing You ep
Amy Wolff's All Time Low ep
Ya Yeah Designs' Moon ep

Sew Me Up

This is done for Oscraps' Challenge No 2: TYPOGRAPHY August 2013.

BCD's Handmade Kit
Heather Joyce's The Dry Ribbon font
Heather Joyce's The Brainchild font
Pea Noodle's Girlfriends font

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Last Resort

This is done for SM Aug 1 Grand Theft LO.

I lifted this.

Credits: Juno Designs
Sing Out Loud kit
Butterflies in My Stomach ep

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Just Because

This is done for TLP Aug2013 Scraplift Challenge.

And I lifted this.

Credits: TLP Aug2013 BYOC, 20% off
Laurie Ann's Little Charmer ep
Laurie Ann's Little Charmer alpha => Freebie coming Aug 7<=
Valorie Wibben's Sprinkles v16
Valorie Wibben's Cream & Sugar pp
Sahlin Studio's Glitter pp: Indian Summer
LBW's Missing You ep
Jacque Larsen's Summer Safari ep
Amy Wolff's Go-See-Do ep
Mye De Leon's Smears (freebie)