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Monday, August 19, 2013

Steamed Fruit Cake

TLP has started a new craze - creating a scrapbook for cooking & baking.

And dunno-lucky-me-or-not, the Empress Dowager is crazy over it too. Esp since she saw the UK-Switzerland album I did for Mr&Mrs M. So she been harping me to take photos of her weekends dishes. And even hinted at me to do a "book" with them. And quoted "no need to be so nice" unquote.

So here I am, with my 1st page for the Kitchen Album. And I shall see how long I'll last. *cheesy grin*

Laurie Ann's Baked With Love Kit
OLB Foodie elements
Sahlin Studio's Kitschy Kitchen elements & Kitschy Mixed Media
Kate Hadfield's Baked With Love, Chef's kitchen, Coffee & Cupcakes.

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