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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another CT

Yah yah ... I did say I ain't gonna apply for another CT.

That time I was still a TLP's Guest Polly. And I was hoping against hope that I might become a regular Polly.

But since I did not. And there's a CT Call in ScrapMatter by Clever Monkey Graphics. I went to take a good look at her store. And I found that her stuff are very similar to TLP's PRDAllison P, both of which are my favs. So I went to buy one of CMG's kit and tried my hand at it.

Well, lo & behold !!!! I likey !!!! So I submitted my application for her CT Call yesterday evening.

6 hours later, this morning 6.30 am, I got the email that confirmed my status in Clever Monkey Graphics CT !!! YAAA !!!!

That was some quick decision-making.

And the best part of her email was she said my layouts sell me !!! Wow !!! Another pat on me shoulder re my scrapbooking style !!!!

!!! WAY TO GO, AGNES !!!

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