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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Organ, Me 10yo

This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 29 - The Talent Show.

Studio Girls | Right Moment
Captivated Visions | Captivating 2012 AUG kit

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Me Ox

This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 26: Captain's Ball Challenge.

Dawn Inskip | Good Fortune Kit & Chinese Zodiac

Me 4yo

This is done for Slow Scrap (May 26, 2014).

Kaye W | 123 Art (collab with Studio Basics)
Sara Gleason | Grow With Love: Holiday Edition template

Sunday, May 25, 2014


A simple page to kick start my mojoless brain.

This is done for Polly Pick - Farrah Jobling.

Kim Jensen | Completely Grounded pp, Chalk Artist
Heather Joyce | The Katie M & THe Dry Ribbon fonts
Allison Pennington | Clippy Frames v3

Saturday, May 24, 2014


This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 22: Here be Pirates!

Viva Artristry - Sal de Mar
Captivated Visions - Captivating 2012 AUG kit
StudioGirls - Impressions of the Sea
Darcy Baldwin - Dear Mr Claus font

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Outside Comfort Zone

This is done for TLP Mission IMpossible Challenge.

:: My Mission ::
1. take a SILLY photo of yourself, the sillier the better... not that kinda where you are prim and proper in front of the camera!!!
2. Once you are done with that use the photo, a plain background paper, 2 strips of pattern paper, five elements and journal it....

Journaling: When Li Li got the Guest Polly spot in TLP, she voiced out her idea of hosting a challenge ... to make the TLP scrappers scrap outside their confort zone. I like the sound of that idea. And being the busybody me, I suggested that she only takes in 30 scrappers. Then she’ll have to go through their galleries to find their norm. And get them to scrap outside that. The first thing she said is I have to take part in it. To show and prove my support for her. Then she’ll get me to scrap outsde my comfort zone. So here I am. (21 May 2014)

Valorie Wibbens | Finally kit
Heather Hess | The Dry Ribbon & The Mrs Roberts fonts

Birthday Self-Portrait

This is done for TLP May 2014 Product Challenge - Kraft.

Credits: Kim Jensen Designs
Stringbats-8-Birthday (1-day 50% off May 21)
Torn Kraft pp (bg, yellow pp, photo mat)
Geo Cut Page Mat
Frame-O-Mania 2
Capricious Bundle

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beach Babe

This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 15: Color of the Stormy Seas.

That is me at 4yo (1980).

Rosey Posey | Island Christmas Bundle
Viva Artsitry | Sal de Mar
Captivated Visions | Captivating 2012 : Aug

Monday, May 19, 2014


This is done for Oscrap's May 2014 Challenge 2 - Prompt = Time.

Re Kneipp | On My Way kit

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014


This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Event Day 14: Media inspiration cruises

Flip Book Fundamentals - Collab Bundle between Vinnie Pearce & Dawn Inskip
Emerge kit | Digilicious Designs
Optimistic Collection | Dawn Inskip (the brown torn pp)

Thursday, May 15, 2014


This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Event: Day 12: POC, I'm Flexible.

Microferk Designs | October 31st Page Kit, Season of the Witch Elements

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


LBW, 1-day 50% off | Reinvention kit
Heather Joyce | The Dry Ribbon & The Mrs Roberts fonts


This is done for tlP May 2014 Byoc Challenge.

- Kim Jensen, 1-day 50% off, May 14 -
Geo Cut Page Mats

Kim Jensen | Offset Sticker Alpha
Laurie Ann | Hopes & Dreams ep
PRD | Forget Me Not pp
Sahlin Studio | PS I Love You ep
Michelle Godin | Fresh Perspective pp
Allison P | Storytelling ep
Stolen Moment Designs | Little Dreamer ep

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Tonguey Pair

This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 10 {Challenge}: SCRAPPER OVERBOARD = use from at least 5 designers on your page.

Dawn Inskip | Worn & Well Loved, Optimistic
Blagovesta Gosheva | Capturing Life: January, Currently
New Life Dream Designs | Sea Whistle
Rosey Posey | A Few
Scrapyrus Designs | I Made This

Saturday, May 10, 2014


This is done for May 2014 Random Challenge - TicTacToe.

I chose the 1st column = paint, doodle, stitching.

Laurie Ann | Paper Portrait Collage Tutorial {paper pack}
Laurie Ann | Shine paper pack, element pack
Laurie Ann | Essential Stitches 1 {element pack}
Laurie Ann | Hello Christmas Messy Paint {lement pack}
Kate Hadfield | Me, Myself and I
Valorie Wibbens | Wate Play Brushes Masks
Sara Gleason | DSD Grab Bag 2012 Template

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Wolfy Boy

This is done for Sea Crews Day 6: Cupcakes and Cabana Boys.

I choose Alcide from True Blood.

Capitavated Visions | The Darkest & Deepest ep
Emeto Designs | Summer Playground kit
New Life Dreams Design | Sea Whistle bundle, I Sea You alpha

The First Is The Happiest

This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 5 : {Challenge} The Bingo !

I chose the 1st column = (5 flowers + 1 Mask + 1 AJ style)

Viva Artistry | Vogue kit, On My Desk elements
Vinnie PEarce Design | VinniePearce_ArtProppelled__alpha

!! My 1st SBG GSO !!

My Book Garden page was GSO in SBG !!!!

!!! YAAAAY !!!! My 1st GSO in SBG !!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Be Happy Crazy

This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 4 - Port of Call. My 2nd submission.

Viva Artisty | Chrysantemum kit, DIY Tag kit
Vinnie Pearce Design | Art Proppelled alpha

Monday, May 05, 2014

Book Garden

This is done for Sea Crews Day 4 - Port Call

Journal reads: Yes. I took along a book on my vacation. Well, it’s for a “just in case” situation. And that was it. Cos my son came down with a fever. And the rest were taking a nap. (May 2014)

Credits: Viva Artistry 
Obsession Tab alpha
Girl Talk Libris,
On My Desk
Old Letter
Snaps & Scraps

Saturday, May 03, 2014


This is done for SBG's Sea Crews Day 3: Spring Break Challenge.

Credits: Dawn Inskip | Optimistic Collection bundle


Before this challenge, their Day 2 is to create a new siggie & avatar for the month-long Sea Crews Events in May 2014.

 Vinnie Pearce Design | Pieces of Me (bg pp), Upgraded Collection

Rosey Posey | A Few Kit, Alpha Bunch 01

Girly Girl

Laurie Ann iNSD Special. 30% off thru May 4
Sundrifter kit, alpha pack, journal cards

Chicken Pie

This is done for TLP May 2014 Scraplift Challenge.

And I lifted this page.

Little Butterfly Wings | From Scratch kit, journal cards & recipe cards
(collab with Stolen Moments Designs)
Heather HEss | The Dry Ribbon font

Crazy Pigeons

This is done for TLP May 2014 One Word Challenge - Crazy.

Credits: Little Butterfly Wings, iNSD
Butterfly Basics - Travel Edition papers & elements

Gladiator Outfit

This is done for the May 2014 Template Challenge.

Credits: TLP May 2014 BYOC, 30% off thru May 4
Kim JEnsen | Offset Sticker Alpha 
Amy Wolf | Sunny Morning ep 
Michelle Godin | Fresh Perspective pp 
PRD | Corked ap 
Stolen Moments Design | Little Dreamer ep
 Valorie Wibbens | Drama Queen 2, Sprinkles v23

Friday, May 02, 2014

Ain't Heavy, Sister

This is a digital version of this paper-LO.

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics
A Dog's Life kit (50% off)
alpha from Egg-Cellent Easter & Unicorn Dreams

Reading List, Never Finish

Credits: TLP BYOC, 30% thru May 4
LBW  | Do Not Disturb Me paper pack, element pack
Random Washi v1

Tabasco Sauce

This is done for TLP May 2014 Journalling Challenge - What Makes You Happy.

Journal reads:
It is our 1st date since a long long while.
And when he wanted to try the Tabasco Sauce. Of cos, I said, “Sure.”
And when he asked what it taste like. I said, “You have to try it. But it is spicy.”
Then I also added, “One drop is not enough. Try two.” And he did.
While I got my camera on standby.

Credits: TLP BYOC, 30% off thru May 4
Kim Jensen | Offset Sticker Alpha
PRD | About ep, Forget Me Not pp
Amy Wolff | Sunny Morning ep
OLB | This Magic Moment ep
Valorie Wibbens | Sprinkles v23


Credits: TLP BYOC, 30% off thru May 4
Laurie Ann | Hopes & Dreams paper pack, element pack &  journal cards
Kim Jensen | Offset Alpha Sticker