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Friday, May 02, 2014

Tabasco Sauce

This is done for TLP May 2014 Journalling Challenge - What Makes You Happy.

Journal reads:
It is our 1st date since a long long while.
And when he wanted to try the Tabasco Sauce. Of cos, I said, “Sure.”
And when he asked what it taste like. I said, “You have to try it. But it is spicy.”
Then I also added, “One drop is not enough. Try two.” And he did.
While I got my camera on standby.

Credits: TLP BYOC, 30% off thru May 4
Kim Jensen | Offset Sticker Alpha
PRD | About ep, Forget Me Not pp
Amy Wolff | Sunny Morning ep
OLB | This Magic Moment ep
Valorie Wibbens | Sprinkles v23

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