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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Agz Typography


Kim Jensen Designs (1-day 50% off, May 27)
Chalk Alpha - Black
Chalk Artist kit
Concretely Grounded papers

Pink Reptile Designs | Torn Treasures

Water Play

Credits: Little Butterfly Wings (1-day 50% off, May 27)
Just Add Water | Kit & Journal Cards

The Beach Bum

Credits: Amy Wolff Designs
Beach Cottage | Papers, Elements and Alpha (1-day 50% off, May 27)
May Wolff Pack Paper Pack
May Wolff Pack Edges

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life Everyday

Credits: Little Butterfly Wings
It's My Life kit => Freebie for newsletter subscriber

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1st Month Celebration

Credits: Kim Jensen Designs

= 1 day 50% off, May 20 =
Stringbats 8 - Birthday
Birthday Blast Papers

= Normal Priced Items =
Live Out Loud elements
Knotty Bits
Paint It White Alpha

Your Soul Happy


Amy Wolff Designs
Trashy Frames (1-day 50% off, May 20)
A Little Damaged vol. 4 paper (1-day 50% off, May 20)
elements from Urban Fusion
Itsy Bitsy Alphas Vol. 5

Pink Reptile Designs | the Dear Wallace Bundle font

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Magic Flowers

This is done for Oscraps' May 2015 Prompt Challenge = Flowers.

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics (collab with Blue Heart Scraps) 
Rain, Shine, Let's Have Fun kit
Rain, Shine, Let's Have Fun Alpha Pack
Rain, Shine, Let's Have Fun Paint

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another CT in TLP

!!! Wooty Woot Woot !!!

I doubt I wanna be in another CT in TLP.
Cos I am already in 3 other CTs in there.
And guesting in one for Spring 2015.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Kimchi Hotpot

This is done for TLP May 2015 Journaling Challenge.

Homegrown Kit (collab between Amy Wolff & PRD)


This is done for TLP May 2015 Random Challenge = Title.

Credits: Sara Gleason
A Daring Adventure (Collab wth Amber LaBau)
A Daring Adventure Pocket Cards (Collab wth Amber LaBau)
Apple Tree Alpha
NSD 2015 Grab Bag (by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Big & Small Sunshine

This is done for TLP May 2015 Scraplift Challenge.

I lifted this page.

This is my 1st official pic as an Official Aunt with my Official Niece. Those two Chinese words says "GuGu". The kids will address the aunts on father's side as that "GuGu". And it sounds super duper old manz !!! LOL !!!

Credits: Sara Gleason
Sunshine {elements} (20% off thru May 10)
Sunshine {papers}


This is done for TLP MAy 2015 ne Word Challenge = Outside.

Credits: Laurie Ann
Boardwalk Basics {element pack}
Boardwalk Backgrounds {paper pack}

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Just One Thing

This is done for both
1. LBW Monthly Template Challenge
2. TLP May 2015 Product Challenge = Journal Cards

Credits: Little Butterfly Wings

= 50% 1-day sale on May 6 =
Do Not Disturb Papers
Do Not Disturb Elements
Do Not Disturb Journal Cards

Free template from LBW

Monday, May 04, 2015

This Makes Me Smile

This is done for TLP May 2015 Template Challenge.

Sara Gleason | Self Portrait kit (30% off)
free template from Little Butterfly Wings

Mother of 21st Century

This is done for Little Butterfly Wing's Monthly Featured Kit for May 2015 = The Wonders of Motherhood.

Credits: Little Butterfly Wings, 30% off
The Wonders of Motherhood Elements, Papers, Word arts

Friday, May 01, 2015

Oven Baked


Kim Jensen, 30% off thru May 3
Miscellany Papers, AlphasMixer
Kim Jensen | Live Out Loud elements (pain, ribbon & pink brads)

Sara Gleason, 67% off
2015 NSD Grab Bag template (collab with Crystal Livesay)

Ice Cream Goodness

Credits: 30% off thru May 3
LBW | Tropical Paradise papers, elements, borders & flairs
Amy Wolff | Sidewalk Alpha
LBW | Easy Pasy Vol 5 template (heavily modified)

Baby Avril

I became The Official Aunt on 4 April 2015.
This is my younger brother's newly created family.

conGRADs to bro & wifey for becoming The Official Parents.
conGRADs to me for becoming The Official Aunt.
conGRADs to my 17yo son for becoming The Offiicial Cousin.

Credits: 30% off thru May 3
Laurie Ann | Triumph papers, elements & journal cards
PRD | Sea of Love Attachments
Sissy Sparrows | The Scarlet Daisy - Overlay Pack