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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bright Sunny Sat

This is done for both TLP Nov2013 AJ Wk3&4 and Nov2013 BYOC Challenges. 

Just Jaime | free transparency
Laurie Ann | By Grace pp, ep & jc
LBW | At The Office ep
Gina Miller | Pumpkin Butter Paper Flowers
Kim Jenen | Bitty Bow Bits
Heather Joyce | The Everyday font

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Season 4

This is done for the TLP Nov 25 Slow Scrap.

Allison Pennington | 6 hours of Freedom pp
PRD | Soap Opera ap & ep, The Hedgie Hog font
OLB | Equinox kit

TLP Member Spotlight

!!! WOOW !!! WEEE !!!

I am being spotlighted in The LilyPad's blog !!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Credits: Boutique Cute Doll, 20% off
Frozen kit
Frozen journal cards

Oscraps' Dec2013 Siggie

Clever Monkey Graphics | Jingle Bells & So This Is Christmas
Boutique Cute Dolls | Frozen (20% off)

Books Best Weapons

I read in TLP that this Sat (Nov 23) is Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode. So I created this just for that.

Found the quote from online search.
“You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!” — The Doctor, Season 2, Episode 2

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics by Tracey Monette 
Loving the Doctor kit 
Tall Blackout alpha 
Book Print alpha 

Note: "Tracey Monette's kits will be moving to Oscraps on November 29th".

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Perfect Skin

This is done for TLP Trend Watch Challenge 11/19 - Ephemera.

- Trend Watch -
Sahlin Studio | XOXO Ephemera
Lynne-Marie | Bon Appetit bundle
Kim Jensen | Key to Happiness ep
LBW | Butterfly Basics - School Edition alpha

Kim Jensen | Chalk artist, Key to Happiness Dates
Gina Miller | Template Toolbox-1

The Perfect Christmas Tree?

Credits: Laurie Ann; 1-day sale Nov 20 only
Merry Little Christmas complete kit, (70% off)
Merry Little Christmas alpha pack (50% off) 
Merry Little Christmas journal cards (50% off)

Monday, November 18, 2013


This is done for both the
Nov2013 Journaling Challenge = what frustrates you
the AJ (Wk 1 & 2) challenge = comfort technique 

In the last AJ chat, the girls suggested I unrock my pages. And Christa suggested that I use the blending technique.
So here I am ... Unrocking the Blending Technique.

LBW - Black & White Edition, After The Rain, It's Not About You flairs & borders
Laurie Ann - Hello Sunshine
Kim Jensen - Bloomin Pointy
CD Muckosky - Ink Pot Painted alpha
Designs by Lili -Hand Cut Alpha 2

Change ... This Way

This is done for PRD's Nov 2013 blog template challenge.

PRD - Growing Pains, Downtown, Punches ap, Hedgie Hog font
Amy Wolff - Mega Solids PP2
Photo -

Christmas Siggie

Laurie Ann's Hello December ep & paint
PRD's Counting the Days ap, ep & jc
OLB's Evergreen kit
PRD's The Hedgie Hog font
Heather Hess' The Dry Ribbon font

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Twin Templates

These are done for Kate Hadifeld's Oct2013 blog template challenge ... which calls for two templates two pages ... whew !!!!

Kate Hadfield : Sunny Santa, Scrapping 9to5, Media Journaler, HipHipHipster, Big School, 
Little School, Favourite Things, Woodsy Alpha, Srsly Stoked kit + PJ Party (collab w/KimJ),
Kim Jensen : Bloomin Pointy
Heather Hess : The Kala font

Kate Hadfield: My Favourite Things, HipHipHipster, PJ Party (collab w/KimJ), Media Journalers, 
Hipster Journalers, Little School, Spiral Bound Alpha, Bookworms, Going Places, All The Everydays, Painted Pretties pp
Emily Merritt: Speak No. 1
Heather Hess: The Katie M font

Friday, November 15, 2013

My 2nd GSO

In. A. Week.

!!! WOWzER !!!

This time is in the HQ GSO itself. For their Nov 14.

And they picked my "Not Bored" LO. *cheesy grin*

Last Christmas - Hair

The things I do for my CT *cheesy grin*

Credits: Laurie Ann
Hello December - element pack, paper pack, date pack
Document This alpha pack
Autumn Love alpha pack

1st ScrapStack GSO

WOWzer !!!!! I had just gotten my 1st ScrapStack GSO !!!!

My Dog-Whole LO in SS was selected to be their Nov 14 GSO.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Every Christmas Baby

Sadly, these two handsome men do not belong to me. They belong to one of my CTM.

= Tracey Monette's kits will be moving to Oscraps on November 29th =

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics
Jingle Bells kit
Missed Stitch Cluster Frames
Tall Blackout Alpha

Sunday, November 10, 2013

When U R 16yo

This is done for Oscrap's Nov'13 Scraplift Challenge.

Tracy Martin's Don't Stop Be-Leafing kit
Boutique Cute Doll's Long Live Love (16yo)

Thursday, November 07, 2013

An Inspirational Toot

My Fruity Night LO was selected from the TwoPeas gallery to be featured in an inspirational scrapbooking blog HERE.

Beautiful-With You

Credits: Boutique Cute Doll's Beauty Fall kit, 20% off

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Credits: 1-day only 50% off
Laurie Ann's Hello Sunshine kit, alpha & journal cards
PRD's The Hedgie Hog font

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Can Run But Cannot Hide

You can run but cannot hide. I will get you in the end.
Who asked you not to wash your face properly?

LBW's Forever Young kit
Sara Gleason's Beech ep
Kim Jensen's Newsy Banner
PRD + AllisonP's On Cloud 9 elements
PRD's The Hedgie Hog font.

Fruity Night

This is done for TLP Nov'13 Scraplift Challenge.

And I lifted this page.

Sara Gleason's Beech Tree pp, ap & ep
PRD's The Hedgie Hog font

Monday, November 04, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012

The photos are courtesy from the designer of my CT - Clever Monkey Graphics.

Clever Monkey Graphics by Tracey Monette - So This Is Christmas kit & Proper Scribble alpha
Amy Martin Designs - Project Grid 3 template

Queen No-No

This is done for Oscraps' Maya de Groot's Express Your Creativity Challenge.

Maya de Groot - Contrast kit
Maya de Groot - Home Sweet Home add on (freebie)
Maya de Groot - Crown (freebie)
Boutique Cute Dolls - Little Queen kit (retired)

All Thanks to Grandma

This is done for TLP Nov'13 One Word Challenge - THANKS.

Amy Martin's Whip It Fast mini2 template
Lynne-Marie's Got Music kit (collab w/YaYeah)
PRD's The Hedgie Hog font.

Love You - Miss You

This is done for Oscraps Dido Designs' Notion To Scrap challenge (11.03-11.09).

Credits: Dido Designs' {3} Mini kit

GSO Nov 3

My Mother-Kid LO was picked for GSO Nov 3.

!!!! YAAAAY !!!


This is done for LBW's October 2013 blog scraplift challenge.

LBW - After The Rain kit &The Wonders of Motherhood ep
PRD - The Hedgie Hog font

A Positive Attitude

This is done for Re Kneipp's iDSD challenge in Oscraps.

Credits: Re Kneipp's Simplicity kit, 35% off

Sunday, November 03, 2013

My Lil Cutie Halloweenie

This is done for SM Nov 1 MOS - Featured Designer: geniaBeana.

geniaBeana's Thankful Heart kit (free w/$10 purchase)

iDSD Madness

This is done for TLP 2013 iDSD Sketch Challenge.

Allison P - All Toasty & Warm pp
Gina Miller - Pumpkin Butter flowers
Kim Jensen - Bitty Bow Bits
LBW - At The Office ep
Amy Wolff - In the Gloaming elements
Amy Wolff - Messy Deconstructed 2
Kate Hadfield - Awesome Alpha
PRD - The Hedgie Hog font
PRD+Allison P - On Cloud 9 kit

2013 DSD AJ

This is done for TLP 2013 DSD AJ Challenge.

Credits: Nov 2013 BYOC, 30% off
Pumpkin Butter Paper Flowers by Gina Miller
At the Office {Papers} by Little Butterfly Wings
At the Office {Journal Cards & Word Art} by Little Butterfly Wings
At the Office {elements} by Little Butterfly Wings
It Takes Courage | Elements by Captivated Visions
It Takes Courage | Mixed Media Papers by Captivated Visions
Bitty Bow Bits by Kim Jensen

Saturday, November 02, 2013

InstaFont Phone Art

This is done for TLP Nov Product Challenge.

Laurie Ann's Instafont Phone Art Vol 2, 30% off
Laurie Ann's Instafont Phone Art Vol 1
Laurie Ann's White As Snow elements
Laurie Ann's The Witching Hour alpha
CD Muckosky Garden Of Grace Alpha bundle
Little Butterfly Wing's That's So Scary kit

Laurie Ann's Instafont Phone Art Vol 2, 30% off
Laurie Ann's Eye Chart Alphabet

Laurie Ann's Instafont Phone Art Vol 2, 30% off

Friday, November 01, 2013

Fishing Beautiful

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics
Flair-a-riffic & Missed Stitched Cluster Frames (Grab Bag Nov'13 NSD)
Tall Blackout Alpha, Hipster Wannabe Kit & Magical Vacation kit

Credits: Clever Monkey Graphics
Stitched Nature, Flair-a-riffic, Missed Stitched Cluster Frames (Grab Bag Nov'13 NSD)
Tall Blackout alpha, Proper Scribbled alpha, Fall Pumpkin Patch (pink pp only), Love Outloud kit & Fade To Fall kit