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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Baby Face

Story behind the layout: Self-explanatory

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Sun, The Sand & The Sea

Story behind the layout:
This was done for the forum's Scrapbooking Challenge #2 - No Person/People LO. As I was cracking my head over the LO for this particular theme, this challenge comes in the nick of time. Cos the pics taken w/Jnr in it looks weird thus it's kinda difficult to use them. But with this challenge, I can do w/o them. Just use the scenery/objects will do.

This trip to Sentosa was Jnr's 1st. It's not only his trip to Sentosa but also his 1st trip to the sea/beach.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mother-Son Thingy

Story behind the layout:
Actually my intention was to show the repetition in the pics. Thus I came up with the chinese title which meant "Travel Back in Time" for the top right and "History Repeats Itself" for the bottom left. But my mum said tat "Mother & Son" wud be more appropriate.

After much tot, I decided to listen to her. Then I wanted to have the chinese words tat meant "Like Mother Like Son". But I dunno the words *chessy grin* and it's getting late. So I simplified it to be "Mother-Son Relationship"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tooth Fairy Part 2

I created another layout for "Tooth Fairy" by specifically using the whole kit itself. I wanted to see how it looks like. Unfortunately, it doesn't turn to be what I'm expected. Or maybe the color is dull thus it doesn't look nice.

Then I've added a journal to it too.

Serves Me Right

Story behind the layout:
Self-explanatory ... kekekekek

Again, this is for the Scraplifting Challenge #2.

My Fav Person

Story behind the layout:
This pic was taken in Aug 2000 when SAF was hv'g a carnival to showcase their weapons and all. I particularly like this pic cos of Jnr's expression. It's not exactly a scared expression, neither is it a serious one.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Laughing My Way

Story behind the layout:
Actually there's no story behind it. It just so happens tat both pics are befitting to form the theme I hv in mind - "Laughing".

And I hv to say, this is my best layout ... so far ie. And hopefully, I'll improve with more practice.

This layout was also done with the forum's Scraplifting Challenge #2 in mind. We are to copy the layout of samples taken from the web and do up our own. The theme is quarter / squares.

Moo Moo

Story behind the layout:
According to the Lunar Calendar, Jnr was born in the year of Bull. Thus me & my ex-hubby bought the Bull piggy bank to save up for him. It was my mum who caught tat pouting-expression. And it seems so befitting to be linked to the Bull. Altho a bull grunts, it "sounds" nicer with "Moo Moo". Fortunately, Jnr is not as stubborn as a bull. But I am ... LOL !!!!!

Another reason for doing this layout was to participate in the Scrapbooking Patterned Papers Only Challenge in the forum. And this is what I came out with.

My 1st Layout - Tooth Fairy

Story behind the layout:
This was the 1st time Jnr pulled out his own tooth. And unknowingly too. Cos he was just tugging at it. And the tooth just came off while we're chatting the time away. He was pleasantly surprised tat it didn't hurt him one bit. And I'm oh-so proud of him tat he survived this ordeal smoothly & bravely. From then onwards, he'd specifically leave "instructions" tat he'd want to be his own Dentist.