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Monday, July 22, 2013

!!! CT Toot !!!

Two weeks ago, Boutique Cute Doll designer pm me in FB, alerting me to her CT Call. After looking through her store & I like what I see, I decided to apply for it.

Just a few days ago, she posted in fb that she had decided on the CTM & will announce it this week. BOY! That was nerve wrecking manz! Cos I had not heard from her. Yet.

Until ... 10mins ago !!!! YYAAAYYY !!! I got in !!!!!

Ok, no more CT call for me. Cos right now, I'm in 3 CTs - Boutique Cute Dolls, Juno Designs & HGD by Laurie Ann. And I'm running out of photos !!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!

Time to scan MORE old photos. Or ... take MORE photos. *cheesy grin*

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