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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


WOW!!! This year's iNSD is a big digi-haul for me.

Cos I've won something .... 3 times. All thanks to Mr Random.

The 1st win was HUGE ... MEGA HUGE. It 's Pink Reptile Designs' iNSD Mega Collab Bundle. It all started from HERE. And ended with a big bang HERE - being picked by Mr Random.

Then next is TLP's iNSD Pick Your Prize. And I won Emily Merrit's Doodlings No. 3.

Last but not least, just minutes ago, I found out that I was the lucky winner for Kate Hadfield's Inbox Inspiration 2 Challenge. And the prize is a USD15 gift certificate to her store. Boy oh boy!!! I'm so eyeing some of her stuff!!!! Hope I get the GC before the iNSD sales ended in TLP.

iNSD is coming to a close. So I still have some chances at winning over Mr Random.

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