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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

AJ Shadow Box 4

This is the easiest page I've ever done. Cos I just bring over the elements from the other boxes, lay them out then create a shadow box for it.

This is done for TLP AJ Feb 2016 Week 4 Shadow Box.

WEEK #4: This final week of shadow boxes, I want it to be a closure for all of us. We are all going through some good or bad times right now and I want you to take a snap shot of you right now. I want you to understand that what you added to your boxes during the previous weeks mean something and are related to your state of mind right now. I want you to use something from each of the previous weeks boxes into your box for this week (it does not have to be prominent). I want you to make a snap shot of your life right now and I want you to understand that it will be OK even if it doesn't feel like it. I want you to give yourself permission to feel OK, to believe it will be OK, to understand that LIFE will GET better. If you are having a dandy time, I want you to REJOY ON IT! Capture that JOY in your snapshot! I know I am asking maybe a bit more that you might be willing to share, but please do try even if you don't share it with us. I want you to get that out of your head and start working towards seeing a brighter future.

Background = uniform mess = my life in general
The rest = me me me

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